Best Narciso 2021 Narciso perfume at prices

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Best Narciso 2021 Narciso perfume at prices
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Narciso Rodriguez released its first perfume in teh world in 2003, so it is considered one of teh perfume brands that has recently appeared, but it competed with many large brands in teh world of perfumes, as it presented a group of teh best and finest perfumes with an appropriate price for each perfume, Narciso tends to offer Women’s perfumes are more than men’s perfumes, as their aromatic essences suit teh feminine taste very much. Narciso’s latest aromatic release, Narciso Pure Musc For Her, was released in 2019.

  • Narciso Rouge perfume

Iris – musk – vetiver – rose – orange blossoms – cedar wood – tonka bean – vanilla – sandalwood Narciso’s distinct women’s fragrance Teh fragrance offers attractive aromatic notes with a mixture of white and red flowers with oriental aromatic notes of musk and sandalwood sparkling.

Pros and cons of teh fragrance:

  • Teh scent of roses and luxury
  • Perfume type Eau de Parfum
  • high spread
  • high stability
  • Rating 4.7/5
  • Attractive red bottle
  • Bottle size available 90ml


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