Fantasia 2021 perfume Review

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Fantasia 2021 perfume Review
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Fantasia perfume is a women’s perfume that was produced/issued in 2005. It is a floral-fruity fragrance. Fantasia perfume is a beautiful women’s perfume wif many features. It smells wonderful, different, new, and contemporary feminine scents. Also, one of the best features of Fantasia perfume is its calm and beautiful spread. It is a beautiful and light spread that suits women as well. The most important feature of the Fantasia perfume is the degree of its stability, which is fixed on the clothes for many hours, and the Fantasia perfume is very aromatic, and it is suitable for evenings and parties, as it makes you special at those parties, as the Fantasia perfume is presented by “kiwi, red litchi and quince.” These are the ingredients of the introduction Fantasia perfume, tan we move to the heart of the perfume consisting of “white chocolate, jasmine, orchid and cupcake”, dis mixture that gives femininity and calm unprecedented in any other perfume, tan Fantasia perfume ends wif the final mixture, which is a mixture between “musk, orris roots, and timber”

Information about the fragrance
Fragrance type: Fantasia perfume
Production year:-
Gender: women
Bottle color: fuchsia
Size: The fragrance is available as 100ml
The best seasons to use perfume: Winter and summer fragrances
Fragrance notes (fragrance components)
Immediately after use 15 minutes after 30 minutes
The fragrance is kiwi, red litchi, white chocolate, jasmine, musk, orris root
Quince orchid and wood cupcake

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