MIU MIU Perfume Review

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MIU MIU Perfume Review
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236.80 SAR 494.00 SAR اشتري الاًن
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236.80 SAR 494.00 SAR اشتري الاًن

This wonderful floral-woody fragrance was created by the expert Daniela Roche-Andre in 2015. This perfume contains the scent of lily-of-the-valley flowers, which are no longer available, but Daniela mixed jasmine with green notes and rose to get the smell of lily of the valley. The Miumiu perfume comes in the form of water Perfume placed in a bottle that was created inspired by the lined bags of Miumiu. The perfume bottle has the same elegant look as the bag, but in youthful colors such as light blue and the cap is in the form of a red disc.

Miu Miu perfume quality

This perfume is considered one of the best perfumes that have been created in recent years, and a full line of skincare has been provided, and Miumiu has won the FiFi Arabia award as the best sales percentage of 2015 for a women’s perfume.

This perfume has a fresh, warm, and exciting scent, and the base notes of this perfume are akigala wood that consists of agarwood (oud), pepper with white musk.

This wonderful perfume is a perfect perfume for all kinds of occasions. If you are looking for a delicate perfume that contains a touch of warmth and romance, then Miu Mio is the right choice for you, and try it until you feel romantic and wonderful every time you wear it.

Information about the fragrance
Brand: MIU MIU
Production year: 2015
Fragrance type: Eau de Parfum
Gender: for women
Bottle color: black with an attractive design
Size: The fragrance is available as 100 ml
The best seasons to use perfume: Winter – Night
Fragrance notes (fragrance components)

Immediately after use 15 minutes after 30 minutes
rose leaves pink wood
Turnberry thorn flowers


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