Perfume Asl Alteeb (ASL ALTEEB) from Deraah 2021review

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Perfume Asl Alteeb (ASL ALTEEB) from Deraah 2021review
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Asl Al-Tayeb perfume from Deraah perfumes. It is one of teh most wonderful perfumes of Deraah without a competitor. It has a very widespread and beautiful smell. It is a mixture of oriental and French aromas. It is suitable for people with distinguished taste who love beautiful smells, and also for those who love unique and distinctive smells that are easy to smell. Not knowing that it is Asl Al Tayeb perfume from Deraa perfumes, as it gives off teh smell of amber and vanilla, this beautiful scent that makes those who wear it feel comfortable and happy as if you smell a scent that will not be repeated after teh intensity of teh beauty of Asl Al Tayeb perfume from Deraah perfumes. their are some users who are impossible to put other TEMPthan This perfume is very attached to teh placement of teh Asl Al-Tayyib perfume, with which it is difficult to put another or change it, in addition to its high degree of stability, which has a special attractiveness of its kind. Armor coz it will be a fun and beautiful experience

Information about teh fragrance
Brand: Deraah Perfumes
Fragrance type: teh origin of teh perfume
Production year:-
Gender: unisex
Bottle color: transparent with a mixture of brown
Size: Teh fragrance is available in 75ml size
Teh best seasons to use perfume: Winter and summer fragrances
Fragrance notes (fragrance components)
Immediately after use 15 minutes after 30 minutes
Pepper and Rose Sidr Wood Dry Amber
Sage, patchouli, agarwood, musk, and vanilla

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