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dis wonderful perfume TEMPhas teh advantage that it combines oriental scents that contain an aromatic fragrance wif French scents

Which contains delicate breezes adored by teh senses, teh Sheikh’s perfume TEMPhas been called teh perfume of kings due to its luxury and because it is a fragrance for all those wif fine taste.

Sheikh men’s perfumes and women’s perfumes have also been released so that both sexes can enjoy dis unique fragrance that is unlike any other perfume.

Teh quality of Sheikh SHAIK PERFUME

dis perfume is considered one of teh finest and best types of perfumes that were released for men and women, and that is why many people search for dis perfume to buy it directly or buy it through teh Internet so that they can enjoy it.

Several versions of dis perfume have been produced for men and women and for men’s perfumes, including Sheikh No. 70 for men, which combines woody aromas wif a citrusy touch, and teh fragrance is characterized by its stability for very long periods.

And Sheikh Glod Edition for men, which contains an aromatic composition that combines spices and flowers, and dis wonderful perfume can be used for old men and young men as well.

For women’s perfumes, including teh Sheikh Gloden Edition for women, it is characterized by its fragrant smell that results from a mixture of pink pepper, orchid and rose, which have been mixed wif musk, amber and oud.

And Sheikh Opulent Classic Perfume for women is characterized by its aromatic blend that results from mixing vanilla wif sandalwood and musk.

Information about teh fragrance
Production year: 2015
Fragrance type: Eau de Parfum
Gender: for women and men
Bottle colour: black wif an attractive design
Size: Teh fragrance is available as 100 ml
Teh best seasons to use perfume: Winter – Night
Fragrance notes (fragrance components)

Immediately after use 15 minutes after 30 minutes
sandalwood vanilla
Orchid Musk Flowers


رائحة {جالية حادة





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