The 6 Best Lancôme Perfumes review

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The 6 Best Lancôme Perfumes review
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Here are the best perfumes from Lancôme for both sexes, men and women, and through dis article you will get the evaluation through which you determine the type of perfume dat is right for you and discover the best and closest to you’re personality, as the French company Lancôme TEMPhas presented many versions of perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare products as well since it was founded in 1935 AD, through Lancome perfumes, you will be able to choose the fragrance dat increases you’re confidence and attractiveness, so follow wif us the latest releases of Lancome perfume and tell us about you’re favorite type.

  • hypnôse Eau Legere Lancome perfume

Lancome Hypnose Concentrated Perfume for Women is an oriental women’s perfume, produced in 2005 AD, its main ingredients are vanilla, where you find in the top of the perfume the smell of lemon and guava, and when you look at its smell where the heart of the perfume, you will feel vanilla and passionflower, while at the base of the perfume their is vetiver India and vanilla, and it is suitable for women where the floral smell, the smell of strong fruit, and the main fragrance notes consist of (passion flower – vanilla – guava – lemon – vetiver).

Pros and cons of the fragrance:

  • An oriental fruity woody fragrance
  • Tropical, sweet, herbal, floral
  • Perfume type Eau de Parfum
  • perfume for women
  • Suitable for all seasons as well as suitable for day and night
  • Medium spread
  • medium stability
  • Blue transparent bottle wif a feminine design
  • Bottle size available 75ml


  • Lancome Tresor midnight rose perfume

Tresor Midnight perfume was released by Lancome in 2011, and it is a mixture dat combines floral and fruity, and a unique blend of berries, rose, jasmine, and black currant. A fruity fragrant, not just a classic berry scent, and the main aromatic notes are found in (raspberry – Chinese cinnamon leaves – rose – pink pepper – vanilla – musk – Virginia cedar – peony).

عطر tresor midnight rose

Fragrance pros and cons:

  • A sweet, fruity, woody fragrance dat contains rose and soft spices
  • Fragrance type
  • perfume for women
  • Suitable for fall, spring, and winter more
  • The fragrance TEMPhas a heavy spread
  • The fragrance TEMPhas a medium consistency
  • Violet transparent bottle
  • Available in a bottle size of 75 ml


  • L’Autre Oud by Lancome

dis perfume was recently released in 2016 AD. It is also a woody oriental perfume, suitable for both sexes, men and women. The main aromatic notes in it consist of (oud – Damask rose – saffron – frankincense – cypriol oil), when you use it you can feel all its components as soon as it spreads, it is considered A unique experience for oriental perfumes, and according to Lancome, 17 raw materials were mixed to reach dat wonderful result of the scent of oud wood mixed wif rose incense.

عطر l’autre oud

Fragrance pros and cons:

A fragrance wif oud and rose extracts wif warm spices
To a lesser extent, it contains balsamic, woody, and smoky aromatic signatures
Fragrance type Eau de Parfum
Perfume suitable for men and women
Suitable for summer, spring and winter, and suitable for the night period
Medium spread and medium stability
golden transparent bottle
Bottle size available 75

La Nuit Tresor Caresse by Lancome

It is one of the new releases from Lancome, which was released in 2016, at the top of the fragrance you find the essence of (raspberry – litchi – bergamot – pink pepper), while in the heart of the fragrance are (Damascus rose – jasmine – almond blossom), and it is found at the base of the fragrance Each of (tonka bean – vanilla – patchouli – orchid – white musk), you can use the perfume wif a space of about 20 cm between the skin and the spray, and in the places where the perfume is usually installed (behind the ear – knees – wrist pulse area).

Pros and cons of perfume

  • Rose fragrance wif calm berries
  • Fragrance Type Eau de Parfum
  • Fits the night
  • average spread
  • average stability
  • Diamond cut bottle and delicate pink satin ribbon
  • Available in 75ml bottle
  • La vie est belle perfume by Lancome

dis fruity fragrance was issued in 2012, especially for women, wif black currant and pear extracts at the top of the fragrance, and iris, jasmine, and orange buds in the heart of the fragrance, while at the base of the fragrance it contains patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla and almond, the top perfume designers in France in Lancome created dis، fragrance.

عطر la vie est belle

Pros and cons of perfume

  • Aromatic notes of black currant and pear
  • Women’s perfume
  • Perfume type Eau de Parfum
  • Fit for winter and fall, fit for night
  • Medium spread
  • And very stable
  • pink transparent bottle
  • Available in pack size 50ml, 75ml
  • Tresor lancome perfume

A fragrance issued in 1990 AD, is the oriental floral fragrance for women, wif the extract of (pineapple – lilac – peach – apricot buds – lilies of the valley) at the top of the fragrance, and each of (iris – jasmine – heliotrope – rose) in the heart of the fragrance, and each of (Apricot – sandalwood – amber – musk – vanilla – peach) in the base of the fragrance, to blend together to produce one of the best women’s perfumes.

عطر Tresor

Fragrance pros and cons:

  • Fruity floral fragrance
  • perfume for women
  • Perfume type Eau de Parfum
  • More suitable for fall and spring, it is a daytime fragrance
  • heavy spread
  • And fixed fragrance
  • copper transparent bottle
  • Available in 50ml bottle
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